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 [GUIDE] The Subforums

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] The Subforums   Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:51 pm

What The Subforums Are For

We have lots of different subforums here at Imagine. They all fall under different Categories or Groups to keep them organized.

The first group is the Forum Headquarters. Here we have News & Announcements, Introductions with a Goodbye subforum inside, and Rules & Guides. These are our three most basic subforums.

News & Announcements is a good place to keep an eye on for changes to the forum and new events coming up. If it's posted in the Announcements section, it's probably pretty important.

Introductions is where we all started off, saying our hellos. But once you join, it's not a place to forget. Just as we welcomed you, you should welcome new members. Keep in mind you were new once and it was great to have someone welcoming you.

Rules & Guides is one of the most informative places on Imagine. This is where you can find our Do's and Don'ts and what will happen to you if you do a Don't. We also have a library of different Guides and we're constantly working to expand it. If you're reading this, you've already found the Rules & Guides section and you're on your way to fitting right in. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification on something in a Guide. These are here to help you!

The second group is the Improvement Area. We're constantly looking to improve Imagine both we new ideas and new Staff members. That's why this section has Suggestions and Help Wanted in it.

For the Suggestions subforum, you are invited to share all of your ideas with us and even your complaints, though we ask you keep it civil and try not to purposely stir up trouble. If you have a complaint you think may upset other users, please PM it directly to a Staff member. Feel free to comment on other peoples suggestions, but don't dismiss them right away.

Our Help Wanted section is your opportunity to become a member of our Staff. When there is an opening, we will try to post in this section to see who is interested and who has the right skills.

The third group is the Imagine It! Roleplay Section. Under here we have Roleplay Discussions, Character StoreHouse, and various role play sections open to you.

In the Roleplay Discussions subforum, you are welcome to make threads about the different roleplays going on in their subforums. These are out of character conversations and not to be posted from your characters point of view. You can also suggest new roleplays here if you want to get a group together before you post.

[TR] Themed Roleplays, [FRP] Flashback Roleplays, [AR] Alternate Realities, and [IFRP] Into the Future are our different roleplay sections. They are described pretty well both on the main page of the forum and inside the subforum.

The Character Corner, Court, Chronicles, and Court subforums is our place to store your character for your own records and for the rest of us to see. You can have one character for each roleplay you join and it is not required you created a separate character thread for smaller roleplays, though you are welcome to. When you create a character, make sure it is properly labeled. You can find more information about that Here

The fourth group is the Chat Zone where we're welcoming you to share non-roleplay topics with the rest of us to discuss. We have several different subforums here, such as General Discussion, Anime & Manga, Computers & Gaming, Fan Clubs and The "Anonymous" Section.

General Discussion is exactly what it sounds like. If you want to create a thread about a nasty snow storm that came through your town, go ahead. Want to talk about your new kitten or puppy? We're interested! Found an interesting article online about something kind of random? I bet we'll like it. Don't be shy about posting, we want you to. Just be sure you aren't spamming.

In the Anime & Manga subforum, you can let your inner nerd out a little. Whether you call it being an Otaku, a Weeaboo, or just a casual anime fan, this section is all for you. Post threads about your favorite series. Ask questions like, "Who would win in a fight?", create threads to debate which show is better, but remember not to insult anyone's personal opinions.

The Computers & Gaming subforum is for a different kind of nerd. If tinkering with your computer excites you, post here. Anything related to games goes here too!

In The Arts you can share your creative side or help someone else improve theirs. It's for music, drawings, poems, short stories, anything like that. You can also find The Adventures of Ruby here, which is our ongoing short story project about our mascot, Ruby.

If you really want to show your fandom, create or join a Fan Club in the Fan Club section. We highly encourage fan clubs to create games and contests about whatever the fan club is about. Set up a point system for Club Members who post related images or answer trivia, enjoy yourselves!

The last section the average member can see is the Topic Graveyard which contains the Recycle Bin and the Trash Heap. These are to keep the forum neat and uncluttered. Having your thread moved to the Trash Heap probably means you broke a rule or double posted something. Being sent to the Recycle Bin is only because the thread isn't active anymore or already served its purpose.

Finally we have the Admins & Mods section which you may or may not be able to see. This section is where the Imagine Staff will discuss new ideas, rules, and anything else. Most things will be open for members to speak up on, but our baby ideas need a little sheltering before being thrown out into the big Internet world.
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[GUIDE] The Subforums
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