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 [TRP] A Note to GMs

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PostSubject: [TRP] A Note to GMs   [TRP] A Note to GMs Icon_minitime1Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:56 pm

A Note to GMs

[TRP] A Note to GMs Pbucket

This post can be found in each RolePlay section and will contain almost entirely the same information. It is repeated in each section for easy finding and because not all GMs will go to another section and see it. Some small details may be modified for individual sections.

Anyone is welcome to GM their own RolePlay on Imagine. In fact, we highly encourage you to test out your Game Master skills. Being a Game Master comes with certain responsibilities and we ask all our GMs to do their best and follow these guidelines.

1. Pay attention to the section you're in. Currently, you're in the Themed RolePlays section. This is for RolePlays that will directly borrow a pre-created world, such as from anime, games, movies, or books. You may alter these worlds but they still must be recognizable for what series they're about.

Example: You want to roleplay about the Naruto world but would rather use a made up village instead of Konoha (Leaf) or one of the other existing ones. This is fine so long as the world still resembles the Naruto universe. Most RPers would probably prefer to roleplay in an existing village, however.

2. Double Check! Double check that a roleplay about what you want to make doesn't already exist. Repeat roleplays may be removed if they are not different enough to warrant an entirely new thread. Continuing from our Naruto example, say someone makes a RP about a made up village and you want to roleplay in Konoha (Leaf). This is different enough to create a new thread. If you feel a RP has been inactive for a while and want to re-create it, contact a Moderator to make sure the other RP really is inactive.

3. Create a proper thread name. Since we're giving our users so much freedom in the RolePlay sections, we ask that you help us keep it organized. Just like in our Naming your Character Thread guide, we ask that you use the proper tag. In this section, all RP threads will start off with [TRP].

Following the [TR] will be your RPs title. Make sure your title makes sense for the series you're basing it on. If you're making a Code Geass roleplay, maybe name your roleplay "[TRP] Code Geass: The Other Side" if you want to roleplay from Brittania's view instead of Japans. You don't have to use the series name in your title, but it will help RPers understand your RP at a glance. Make sure your titles aren't too long.

4. Define key words. After you've chosen your RPs name, pick one or two words out of the title you think are important. Make sure you list them in your first post as "Key Words". This is again a reference to the Naming Your Character Thread. Your RPers will use these keywords to make sure their character is easily found for the RP they're involved in.

5. The First Post is Important. All the important information about your roleplay should be in the very first post of the thread. When someone is looking around for a new roleplay, they'll be able to read the first post and decide if it looks interesting. In your first post make sure:

A) You list if this is a private, public, or semi-private RP. A private RP is invite-only. A public RP is where anyone can join and a semi-private RP means a member must PM the GM first to get permission to join. The GM can set certain requirements for a person to join, such as a sample RP post or character outline.

B) Make your keywords clear. If you don't have these keywords, no one will know how to name their character thread or how to refer to your roleplay in out of character discussions.

C) Once you have those two things out of the way, you'll want to talk about what your RP is about. If you have a specific plot in mind, list it here. If it's more of a general, make-your-own-story RP, say it. If you have certain roles you want filled before the RP begins, list them too. Talk about the setting of your roleplay and what you hope to see happen. This is where you have to hope to get someone interested in your plot!

D) Your personal rules. Imagine has a general set of rules lined up for RPing, however you're in charge of your own RP threads (so long as they follow our rules too). You can decide on specific rules for your roleplay, such as post length. The minimum on Imagine is one paragraph, however you could make the minimum three paragraphs in your RP. If you want to allow character killing in your RP, make sure it is clearly stated and how it works. If you want to have any sort of stats or abilities and other additions to the character sheet, please make sure you're clear. You're in charge, but if no one can understand your rules, they won't RP with you. Keep to the rules you set and don't suddenly change them.

6. The Opening Post. Lastly, you want to make sure you begin your roleplay to give people a place to start. This can be done at the very bottom of your first post or immediately after it in the second post.

7. Discussion Thread. You can put a discussion thread about your RP in the Roleplay Discussions subforum. Make sure you again use the [TRP] tag and use your key words, such as "[TRP] Konoha - Naruto Discussion".

If you have any questions about being a GM, just ask a Mod or admin. This seems like a lot, but it's mostly simple things to keep everything organized. We hope you have lots of fun roleplaying.

[TRP] A Note to GMs Pbucket
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[TRP] A Note to GMs
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