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 [RULES] Our Rules and Punishments

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PostSubject: [RULES] Our Rules and Punishments   Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:17 pm

Rules and Punishments

In order to ensure the peace of our forum, we must have some rules for everyone to follow. These rules apply to everyone, including Moderators and Administrators. If you feel a Mod is treating you unfairly, contact an Admin. If you feel an Admin has treated you unfairly, contact a Mod. Bans may only be handed out by Admins.

On Imagine, Admins are not unbalanced and left unchecked. While it's true they are the highest rank available, they can be overruled by a 2/3 or more agreement of the Moderators. This is to ensure that no Admin has all the power and cannot be put in check. When you have a problem, start with a Moderator. If the Mod is unable to assist you, they or you should seek assistance from an Admin.

Imagine cannot be held responsible for links to other websites that may contain inappropriate material. These links will be removed as they are found and/or reported and the poster may be held responsible, depending on the deliberateness of the offense.

General Forum Rules

1. Respect all members. This is extremely important to keep the peace. We all say stupid things sometimes without meaning to and everyone sticks their foot in their mouth from time to time. Everyone here has had a silly question before. Follow this simple idea if you don't have anything nice [or constructive] to say, don't say anything at all.

2. Do not Spam. On Imagine, we define Spam as anything that does not add to a conversation, is repeatedly posted in either the same thread or multiple threads, is complete non-sense, or is a one or two word reply. The definition of Spam may stretch to include other posts at a Mod or Admins discretion, but this is the general definition. In order to avoid your post being considered spam, make sure you address the topic at hand and post more than a few lines of text. If all you have to say is "Lol", "Funny", "Yeah", "Haha", etc, it does not need to be posted and will be deleted.

3. Be Age Appropriate. When we registered this forum we agreed to a TOS [Terms of Service] that prohibited the posting of pornographic material. As such, images of a pornography nature have a zero tolerance level on Imagine. We also ask that you refrain from swearing, but do not prohibit it.

4. Use the PM System. We understand that sometimes a disagreement may occur between Staff or members in any combination. Complaints will not be swept under the rug, however we ask that you PM the Staff member or user you have a complaint against, and also PM one of the Administrators so they are aware of the situation. Cluttering the forum with arguments will only frustrate more users and these types of posts will be deleted on sight so save yourself the time and use the PM system. However, the PM system is not to be abused. Please forward all PMs that you feel are abusive to Staff.

5. Signature Policy. Having a signature on Imagine is a privilege given to you to express yourself on our forum. Abusing this privilege may result in having your signature rights removed. Do not post obscene images in your signature, do not post comments or images meant to upset another member. The max size for signature imagines on Imagine is approximately 500 pixels x 350 pixels. This is width and length. Please make sure your signature is around this size or you may end up with an edited signature and a warning.

Members may report signatures to mods and admins if they feel they are inappropriate. If something is requested to be removed by another member, the mod or admin will review the situation and make a decision on whether the material is objectionable. If multiple persons request its removable, it will be removed.

General Role Play Rules

1. Follow the GMs Rules. By default, the thread starter is considered the GM [Game Master] however anyone may be designated as a GM by the thread starter. When a new RP is opened, a GM will most likely post their own rules in the first post of the thread. They have complete control over their own Role Plays and all of their rules should be followed. Unless the offense breaks a rule stated by Imagine in this thread, no Staff should get involved in the moderation of Role Plays except to remove inactive threads. GMs may request a member to leave their RP with good reason, if a member feels they were asked to leave without good reason, a Moderator will review the situation.

2. Do Not Call Hits or Kill Players. This is often referred to as GodModding. If you are fighting another player, be sure to specify whether it is a death match or not. If the rules state no killing and you do, you may have your RP Privileges temporarily removed. A GM may set that killing is allowed, but by default, it is not. Killing a character removes them from any RPs they were involved in and a new character can be created.

3. Post Intelligently, No One Liners. We understand if English is your second language, but please do your best to post with proper English. We ask that you use a Spell Check on all Role Play posts or have someone review your post for you. If your grammar is bad, we won't ban you, but please do not use net speech and try your best. Ex. "u" instead of "you", or "2" instead of "to". RP posts must be at least one full paragraph. GMs may ask for more, but never less.

4. Excessive NPCs or PCs. Here at Imagine we let you create a unique character for each roleplay you join, if you so wish to. However, because of that we ask that you keep the usage of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) to a minimum. An NPC is generally defined as a sidekick type character and/or a character who is not your main character and is controlled by you. NPC are often seen as family members and other unimportant or infrequently seen characters, such as shop keepers, neighbors, teachers, etc. They are most often used in passing and never play a critical/crucial part to any story unless controlled by the GM of the roleplay. Using NPCs to carry out important jobs, plots, or in any way making them "important" to the plot may and probably will cause action from the GM up to and possibly including your removal from that roleplay.

Offense # - Punishment Information
  1. Warning #1 - Post will be removed without notice, PM warning sent.
  2. Warning #2 - Post will be removed without notice, final PM warning sent.
  3. 24 Hour Ban - Post will be removed without notice, user will be banned for 24 hours. Warnings do not get repeated. Once you have been warned twice, each additional offense is a new 24 hour ban.
  4. Same Content Ban - Once serving a ban, posting the same information again will automatically bring on a full week ban.
  5. Excessive Repeat Offenses - Users may be permanently banned if they continue to disrupt the forum. User must serve at least a week ban before being considered for a permanent ban.*
    * - In the case of extremely offensive material or other highly intolerable actions, a user may be jumped right to a permanent ban or extended ban [more than a week, but not permanent] if 2/3 of Staff agree. Staff includes Admins and Mods. All permanent bans can be appealed to an Admin after one week of serving. Trying to evade your ban may result in a permanent ban that cannot be appealed.

While we will make every effort to ensure the fairness of our forum, it is crucial that our members understand being a member on Imagine is a privilege and not a right. We reserve the right to remove content or ban members at any time, without prior notice. We reserve the right to modify, add, or remove rules at anytime without prior notice.
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[RULES] Our Rules and Punishments
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